Wood Stoves

This is not a service that the Fire Department provides but to answer your question, what you can do is have a W.E.T.T. certified technician come in and conduct a survey on your stove. W.E.T.T. technicians are usually professional
chimney sweeps that have met a level of training that is acceptable to the insurance companies. The reports that they issue and their work is recognized by insurance companies. W.E.T.T. certified technicians can be found in the yellow
pages under “Chimney Sweeps” and then look for the stylized W.E.T.T. symbol.

For new installations, a permit is required and can be obtained through the District of Sechelt Building Inspection Department. A W.E.T.T. certified installer can help you with the installation of a new woodstove as well.

Do not install a wood stove without the proper safeguards in place. You and your family’s safety (as well as all your property) could be as stake, so make sure you play by the rules when it comes to this!



Fire Extinguishers

This is another service that we don’t provide. In fact we don’t even do our own extinguishers any longer, it really is messy! There are a couple of local companies in town that can help you with your extinguisher. Just look in the yellow pages under fire protection and you will see them. Aside from this the Fire Department recommends that every home have a least one 5lb ABC extinguisher per floor, mounted at eye level, near an exit.


When renewing house insurance the insurance company usually wants to know how far the house is from the Fire Station, if there are fire hydrants near the home, and what kind of Fire Department we have here.

To find how far you live from the Fire Hall simply reset your car’s trip meter to zero and drive to the Fire Station. If you don’t have a car just give us a call and tell us your civic address and we will be happy to give you a rough idea from our maps. Insurance companies will give properties a better rate if they are within 5 miles or 8 kilometers from a Fire Hall.